How To Professionally Carpet Clean: Better Than Vacuuming

Having your carpet cleaned by a professional is desirable both for health and the longevity of the rug itself. This is balanced by the obvious expense of spending money on labor, so a homeowner should think carefully about the ideal frequency. How often your carpet should be cleaned depends on factors such as the number of family members, any pets in the house, and the chance of visitors.

A professional carpet cleaner has the best equipment and can lengthen the lifespan of a carpet. At the same time, a great deal of dust and allergens can be removed. Some experts recommend having the carpet cleaned in the range of 12 to 18 month, but sometimes traction is so heavy as to require a wet vac every 6 to 12 months. It depends, and the situation determines what is good for your health.

How Often Is The Floor Vacuumed?

Frequent cleaning with a conventional vacuum is very important. Think about doing this at least once a week. Most people only vacuum when there are large particles on the floor, but microscopic particles are settling all the time. They get deep into the rug unless they are removed.

Regular vacuuming helps the carpet to last longer, and there is less need to call a professional because not as much dust gets ground in. Vacuuming removes pet dander but also human body soil. It is better to get microscopic particles while they are at the surface. Anything organic that sinks in will serve as food to mites and other allergenic critters.

Think About The Number of Pets

Dogs that stay indoors generally are not so dirty, but any animal that goes outdoors will track in dirt and bacteria. Animals do not wear shoes, and their foot pads go everywhere. They walk through grass and grime and might stop to sniff nasty objects. Since they cannot leave their paws at the doorstep, these particles will come inside. Pets also release hair and dander. “Vacuum it up so that friends and family are not exposed to the same germs,” says John from

Are Allergies In The Family?

Consider the number of people who suffer from allergies or asthma in a household. Since carpets represent a three-dimensional surface, they can trap and hold a lot of different particles. They build up and become trapped, but can be released when disturbed. Frequent vacuuming with a fine filter can remove some of this trouble, but a wet vacuum can remove particles even better without kicking anything into the air. Remove all the mold, dust, dirt, spores, and pollen from your home.

Thinking About The Number of Kids

Children present special challenges for carpet care, but they are also the ones being protected from anything unpleasant on the carpet. They crawl, roll, and play games on the living room floor because it is softer than the kitchen floor. It is best not to eat food in the living room, especially for kids, and doing so will allow crumbs to fall on the floor. Crayons and other toys can sometimes leave dust. If children spend a lot of time on the carpet, then have it wet vacuumed as often as twice a year.

The Truth About Pro Carpet Cleaning

How often a professional is needed depends on the health of family members and what daily activities bring in. A lot of dust can be avoided simply by taking shoes off at the front door. People with health problems need a cleaner environment, while the average person is exposed to allergens both indoors and outdoors without too much harm.

Vacuuming removes surface particles, but professionals have stronger vacuums with better filters. They also use a heavy-duty wet vac that excludes so much dirt that many homeowners are astonished at the obvious change in shade. It is possible to rent a wet vacuum, but professionals have the best equipment.

Why You Should Hire A Carpet Cleaning Professional

If you have thought of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you may be wondering if it is worth it. There are some critical reasons carpet cleaning by a professional is a sensible investment.

You Want The Carpet Cleaning Job Done Correctly

You may think there is little more to cleaning a carpet than using a vacuum. Even if you vacuum every week or every day, the carpet is not thoroughly clean. In addition to dirt and residue trapped within the carpet, all kinds of pollutants and allergens can undermine your health.

A thorough job requires an experienced carpet cleaner. When your carpet is spotless, it will look its best. Even more important, it will be a healthier environment for your family.

You Want To Save Money

Perhaps you think it would be cheaper to do it yourself. As you do not have the proper equipment or expertise, it is easy to make a mistake. When cleaning a carpet, mistakes can be costly.

First, your carpet can become torn or damaged by the equipment, or it can become faded or discolored from harsh chemical cleaning products. If these issues occur, you may need to replace the entire carpet. This approach can be quite expensive.

Second, as a do-it-yourself job is not thorough, your carpet will not last as long. It makes more sense to invest in professional cleaning than invest in a new carpet. After the job has been completed, your carpet will look brand-new. You may never need to replace it as long as you live in your home.

You Want To Save Time

Beyond routine vacuuming, cleaning a carpet is a time-consuming chore. There are undoubtedly other ways you would like to spend your time.

When you hire a professional, you will have free time to use as you wish. You can entertain your friends, or relax with your family.

You Want Cleaning To Be Easy

If you have cleaned your carpet in the past, you know easy is not the first word to come to mind. In addition to the hard work of actual cleaning, there are other tasks involved. You had to move all your furniture yourself, and find some way to keep your children and pets out of the house until you were finished.

Carpet cleaning can be easy, and you can avoid all of these complications. All the work will be done for you, and your home will soon be ready to enjoy.

You Want A Personal Approach To Cleaning

Every individual and family has their own needs and preferences. Perhaps you want one-time cleaning when you clean your home in the spring or fall. Perhaps you have a high-traffic home and need your carpet to be cleaned once per month or even once per week.

When you hire a professional carpet cleaner, the job can be done on the schedule that meets your needs. You will find the entire process effective and convenient for you.

With so many reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning, you should not hesitate to call for an appointment. You can have a beautiful carpet and a healthier home.